The Proofscape browser is called Moose. We recommend putting your web browser into 'full screen' mode, in order to maximize the visible space for navigating.

We hope the interface is quite intuitive. If not, please let us know!

Pan and Zoom

The Sidebar

On the left side of the screen you fill find the Sidebar, which contains many useful tools including:

It can be moved or hidden using the buttons in its upper left corner. If you hide it, buttons to restore it appear in the upper right corner of the screen.

The TrailMap

The TrailMap tab is found in the Sidebar. It lists the deductions currently on the board, as well as any deductions directly associated with those on the board. For example if a theorem is open, its proof will be listed in the TrailMap.

Clicking a row will open or close the corresponding deduction. Each row also contains several icons that you can click:

The Overview Tab

The Overview tab is also found in the Sidebar. This gives you an overview of all the deductions that are currently open on the board, helping you to keep track of which part of the canvas you are currently viewing in the main display area.

When the mouse cursor is over the Overview tab, the mousewheel or a scrolling gesture on a track pad will zoom the view in and out. You can also click and drag the blue box to move the view. (Click anywhere on or inside the box.)

The Library Tab

The Library tab in the Sidebar lets you open any deduction in the library.

Inspecting Nodes

Clicking any node will display information about it in the sidebar:

Opening and Closing Deductions

If a node has precisely one expansion available, you can open that expansion simply by double-clicking on the node. Otherwise, click the node once to display all available expansions in the TrailMap, and then select one.

You can always click any row in the TrailMap to open or close the corresponding deduction.

You can double-click on the background of an open deduction to close it.

Q: Why is the browser called "Moose"?

A: Because a moose is a forest browser.